Ergoline Open Sun: 12-Minute 360* High Pressure, total of 30 HP bulbs with adjustable face tanners and equipped with 5 fans. Leaving for vacation soon? Is your wedding quickly approaching? With less than 50 minutes of total tanning time and proper lotion, get your base tan fast! Or add it to your existing tanning regimen for a long lasting, deep bronze tan!

P90 Luxury Tanning Suite: The perfect mix of high pressure and VHR lamps will give beginners a fast base tan or take your existing tan to the next level. Adjustable high pressure face and body tanners, shoulder tanners, air conditioned double cooled lounge acrylic, quadruple misty breeze, two double jet fans, and an open air non-claustrophobic design make the P90 the ultimate in tanning comfort and performance!

Tan America Fiesta VHR Bed: 12 minutes of tanning time with 32 reflector lamps will get you in and out and on with your day.

Tan America 32 VIP Gold: Relax for 20 minutes in luxury. Staggered lamps provide ample room for taller tanners. Four adjustable cool air vents are located at your fingertips.

Tanses 32 VHR Beds: With 32 VHR reflector lamps this bed packs a powerful punch.

ITT SUNSOURCE 6000 VHR Beds: This unit delivers deep golden results. Frosted acrylics disperse the light for even results. This bed was designed to stay cool to guarantee your comfort during your tanning session.

KBL 6800: Raise your expectations. The KBL 6800 Alpha packs a load of powerful features into a gorgeously artistic exterior. AquaCool misters, aroma and 3 different levels of tanning all in one machine.

Tropical Series 41 UPP VHR Beds: These ergonomically contoured units offer an exceptionally comfortable tanning experience. Designed with air intake filtration and adjustable body blower this bed ensures total comfort during your tanning session.

Sun Capsule VHR Stand-Up: A 22 MPH breeze will keep you cool while tanning in this VHR unit during your nine minute session. Stand-up tanning units are perfect for getting rid of “pressure point marks” – those white areas on your back created by a lack of melanin production due to restricted circulation in conventional tanning units.

Tan America 42 Lamp VHR Beds: Luxury at its finest. Relax and enjoy 15 minutes of your day. Deepen your tan without the reddening.

Tanses Bomb: An unbelievable three sessions in one. Noticeable results for the advanced tanner in a single session. 52 high intensity VHR bulbs.

Sun Capsule VHR Stand Up: This upgrade version of the original will give an advanced tanner exceptional results without the heat. With a maximum exposure time of nine minutes this unit is perfect for the tanner on the go.

High Pressure Mattress: Soft, comfortable and spacious mattress for a luxurious tanning experience. Equipped with 24 650 watt high pressure quartz lamps with a filter glass system to provide superior UVA transmittance for fast, long lasting results. 20 minute max session time. Dual speed cooling system and timer to inform you of your half session time. No pressure points!

Mystic Tan: This UV free booth provides uniform results after every 30 second session. Only Mystic Tan offers Magnetan Technology. This advanced system creates an electromagnetic force field to draw the bronzing solution to your body in an overall even application

California Tan: Our newest UV free spray unit from California Tan offers long lasting and fast-acting sunless results with California Tan’s exclusive DHA BRONZEXTEND┬« Complex.

Platinum Suncapsule