How To Tan

A tan is your body's natural protection against sunburn. To get the best results while tanning at Baja Beach, follow these guidelines to protect your skin and look your best!

Basic Tanning Guidelines:

Protect Your Skin

Tan only once in a 24-hour period to comply with bed manufacturers' warning labels.

Protect Your Eyes

Wear approved eyewear during every session. Not sure which eyewear works best? Ask our staff for assistance!

Protect Your Lips

Your lips produce very little melanin and are prone to UV-overexposure, so you should always protect them with a sunscreen. SPF lip balms are available at all Baja Beach Tanning Club locations.

Use Approved Indoor Tanning Lotions

They're better for your tan and won't damage the beds like baby oil and outdoor lotions.

Follow Age Guidelines

Baja Beach Tanning's policy states that anyone under the age of 18 must have a signed consent and waiver form signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Prevent Photosensitivity

Many products we all use every day - such as makeup and perfume - contain ingredients that can make your skin more susceptible to sunburn (photosensitive). Common prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications can also cause photosensitizing reactions. Our tanning consultants have a list of such medications for your review.

Protect Sensitive Areas

If you plan to tan in the nude, you should expose sensitive areas of your body gradually during your tanning sessions to avoid sunburn.

Getting the Best Results from Your Tanning Sessions

Using the right skincare products can increase your tanning results by up to 40%. Be sure to ask our staff for recommended products!

Moisture is the key to a healthy-looking tan! Lotions specifically formulated for indoor use prepare your skin for UV exposure and reduce the drying effects of the tanning process. They also contain ingredients that promote the production of melanin in your skin, and special vitamins that keep your skin healthy. Baja Beach Tanning Club carries a variety of lotions and moisturizers specifically designed for indoor tanners at every level. Just ask us for details!

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